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The Problem With This Whole 'Internet Marketing' Business...

Everyone wants to make money online but they want it fast and 'now' without fully understanding what goes into building a business. The barrier is too low and the HARD, COLD truth is most will FAIL before they even begin (because they have no idea what they're really getting into!)

There are too many things to learn... and too little time to learn them all! I know this to be true because I've been there, done that!

There are so many business models to learn about. You'd like to test the one which is right for you but there simply isn't enough time to try them all out.

You've read countless of books, watched videos and maybe attend some seminars - sure, you know what to do roughly, but NOT exactly how to do it.

There are numerous systems that need to be in place BEFORE you can even promote a site. These 'systems' require time, practice and commitment to refine. Again, a luxury not everyone has.

Mistakes are OK to make - but how many more do you want to make??

And the list goes on...

Why We're Providing A 'Hand's-Free' Install Service...

If I may suggest...

Instead of spending your valuable time reading, experimenting, testing, spending (and risking)...

... Why not just model off a system that is already a proven winner?

Why not have the system in front of you, watch it make money for you, and then model off it so you can work with 100% certainty?

This is what my Done For You Sales Funnel service is all about. It's more than just a 'service' for lazy people. It's a business model you can own and model off so you'll know exactly what to do in the future.

Look at it this way: If you created your own site, your own product and send traffic to it in the hopes of selling something but didn't, you'd have to keep tweaking and adjusting your site until it made money for you.

If however you had a finished system setup on your server, you sent traffic to it and saw'notification on an instant payment' hitting your Inbox, you'll start to inspect it and understand how it works.

It's like being a detective and working backwards to trace your steps rather than looking for clues and going in all directions trying to find an answer.

Instead the answer is already here and you just need to trace it back!

Introducing My

Done For You Sales Funnel Service

Your Complete Sales And List Building System Rolled Into One! Just Add Traffic And You're Good To Go!

My Done For You Sales Funnel Service is a complete system ready to be put on your server. All the systems are in place to help you make money, build your list, upsell additional offers, downsell passes, hand out free gifts, and independently promote affiliate products via email - with no work on your part!

Let's take a closer look at how the system works...

Let Me Walk You Through This System Blueprint...

1. Traffic is sent to your Landing Page.

It is the first thing a visitor will see. Your Landing Page asks the visitors to fill in their details into your opt-in form to join your mailing list in exchange for a Free Gift.

2. Your new subscriber sees your first Front-End offer.

Immediately after filling in his or her details and clicking the SUBMIT button, your newly subscribed visitor is redirected to the next page: your first offer a.k.a. The Front-End offer.

Your subscriber may choose to purchase OR not purchase the Front-End offer.

If your subscriber buys - AWESOME!

If your subscriber doesn't buy - that's okay, not everyone buys on the first contact. He or she is now on your mailing list, and your subsequent follow-up emails will continue to pre-sell your Front-End offer thus higher chance of closing more sales later.

3. After your Customer purchases the Front-End offer, he sees the first One-Time Offer.

All the profitable marketers and business owners you know today sell more than one product, and you should too. And here's the thing: if you don't make an offer, your Customer will go on to buy from someone else. So why leave money on the table?

If you get a 20% conversion rate here - which means every 2 in 10 Customers buy your One-Time Offer - you can generate an extra 20% revenue with no extra traffic or effort!

4. Even if your Customer doesn't take up the One-Time Offer, you can still Downsell.

While some people will take up your Upsell, not everyone will. And price issue is the #1 reason. So what you do is offer a Downsell a.k.a. a 'lite version' of your Upsell and knock down the price a bit.

Will there be some takers at this point? Absolutely, some people will change their minds - and you can save your sales by another 10% to 20% more!

5. After the first Upsell and Downsell, you present a second Upsell!

In fact, you may present a third or fourth Upsell (however too many and it can get redundant!) but that said, adding another Upsell means another income stream for you!

The deeper your funnel, the more profits you can generate from the same pool of Customers.

6. If You Choose The GOLD Option: we add a Third Upsell that is RECURRING.

We plug in a fixed term, monthly membership site called "Massive Traffic Blueprint" ready to go with 12 months worth of content.

You charge $20 a month... that means you can earn $240 a year PER customer!

7. Your new subscribers will automatically receive emails starting from day one.

Not every email has to be a promotion. Some will contain useful 'how-to' info, some will contain opinions and advice from yourself, and others will be promoting your products.

Think of this as rapport- and relation-building with your subscribers on AUTOPILOT!

And every time your promotion email goes out, you have another chance to earn a commission or promote your offer.

This is the system in a nutshell. There are more details we can go into like copywriting, design, what Upsells to provide, what prices to set your Upsells, where to get free content, etc. but to give you an overall view of the system, this is it. It has served me well and will continue to for a long time to come.

And don't worry, the whole point is not for you to learn every single detail - but to know that it can be ALL setup for you so you only have to focus on getting traffic!

Here's An In-Depth Look At Your Sales Funnel System

The Bulk Of Your Income Will Come From The Many Products Promoted In Your Sales Funnel Back-End!

Having your own product to sell is just the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of your income will come from promoting a line of our products and recurring memberships!

By yourself, you'd probably have a hard time knowing what to do with your affiliate link, but with our help and our established presence online everything integrated into one neat system, everything is automated and truly 'set and forget!' You're standing on the shoulders of giants so you can develop much faster!

Let's just go through some numbers here so you know what sort of money you can start bringing in...

1 commission sale of PLRXtreme: Monthly... $13.50/m per member ($162 a year)

10 commission sales of Article Wings... $4.97/m per member ($49.70 a month)

1 commission sale of White Label Firesale... Earn Up To $100.50 Per Sale

1 commission sale of Avatar Genie Pro... Earn Up To $139.90 Per Sale

1 commission sale of Easy Cover Builder... Earn Up To $150.50 Per Sale

1 commission sale of Graphics Licensing Deal... Earn Up To $98.50 Per Sale

Imagine making one single commission sale off each product - that's potentially $507.87 in your pocket (less merchant fees).

This more than covers your setup fee of this entire business ready to be dropped on your lap!

All of these offers above have already produced 10s of $1000s in revenue and continue to do so because they provide tremendous value for the customer. Wouldn't you like to become an affiliate of these top products and take your share of the earnings?

Let Us Do The Work For You So You're Not Wasting More Time Trying The Next Big Thing From A 'Guru' Course You Just Bought!

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Full installation of "Commission Smasher" sales funnel on your hosting account includes:

Front-End Offer - Commission Smasher

Upsell1 Offer - Buyers Traffic Secrets + Mega Bonuses

Downsell1 Offer - Buyers Traffic Secrets

Upsell2 Offer - Copy Cash Secrets

Lead Capture Page to get subscribers

20 autoresponder email follow-up series with your affiliate links embedded

All products are hosted on your account

We set everything up for you in 5 working days or less

Product + Install Fee $197
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Video Editing Mastery Done-For-You Funnel Bronze


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Full installation of "Commission Smasher" sales funnel on your hosting account includes:

Front-End Offer - Commission Smasher

Upsell1 Offer - Buyers Traffic Secrets + Mega Bonuses

Downsell1 Offer - Buyers Traffic Secrets

Upsell2 Offer - Copy Cash Secrets

Upsell3 Offer - Monthly Membership Program x 12 Months

Lead Capture Page to get subscribers

20 autoresponder email follow-up series with your affiliate links embedded

All products are hosted on your account

We set everything up for you in 5 working days or less

Product + Install Fee $197
On This Page Only

Video Editing Mastery Done-For-You Funnel Gold

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